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Hand Made Kitchens Built to last Generations 

What's your reason?

For so many people and family's a kitchen becomes the heart of a home. even more so than ever people have realised how important spending quality time together is and for a lot of us that starts in the Kitchen

We design and make all of our kitchens from our family run workshop based in Chichester West Sussex.


We like to use English timbers as this ensures a low carbon impact, we know we will be getting very high quality timber from local sawmills who actively replant trees, if you want to have less impact on the enviroment this is probably your best option. 

Some A few of the beautiful timbers we use are; 






If you would like any samples to have a look at please just let us know which timber you are interested in and an address to send it to.



How we make it?

Its fair to say everything we make is entirely over engineered with the idea that if we are using these beautiful resources then we only want to make it once. With a emphasis on using traditional joinery and super high quality components If you have a kitchen commissioned by Mat Hibbert Designs feel asured that it is an investment not just an expense.

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