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​Commissioning A Piece of Furniture

The Commissioning process is all about you. Creating something beautiful and unique for you, or someone you love.



After your initial approach, the next step would be to discuss brief, budget and setting.


After the deisgn period you will be presentend with scale drawings, samples and supporting material, together with a quotation and schedule. The initial presentation can be via email, alternativly you will have the oppertunity for a private presentation in the West Sussex showroom (near Chichester) so that you can have a look at timber samples and see examples of other pieces.



If you decide to proceed with the commission we ask for an advance payment at this stage (approximately one third of the value of the commission). Halfway through the construction stage you will recieve an invitation to come down to the workshop to see and discuss the work in progress.


The final balance is payable on completion of the commission.



Timber Selection


Material selection is vital to the feel of a piece. The materials need to suit the feel of design, but also need to compliment the home/environment that they are going into.


Here at Mat Hibbert Designs we tend to mainly use solid timber locally and ethically sourced from near by saw mills where we can track the timbers origins.


Their are some fantastic natural resources that can be utilized to create beautiful pieces of furniture, the use of composite materials allow for various forms which are unattainable in solid wood.





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