M.H.D constantly strives to keep the designs fresh and fluid, with an emphasis on organic shapes. This often involves experimenting with shape and form, with a view to creating sculptural pieces that are also functional.

The use of sustainable timbers is favoured within all designs, however material selection can be discused further during the design process.


I am lucky enough that all my Local saw mills only supply FSC Timber. You can find out more by Visiting 


The majoraty of my timber is sorced from this wonderfull Saw Mill, an amzing group of people, all very pastionate 

About The Man

Family and friends have in the past referred to me (all be it in an endearing and loving way) as a "beach bum"


I however, would argue that it was simply a love for all things that ended up with me being by the sea.

     My grandparents lived a stone’s throw (quite literally) away from the beach at West Witterings, which came in handy when I discovered what would be, and still is one of my greatest passions in life, kite surfing.


I have been extremely fortunate to have travelled far and wide in my school years, to what I believe, are some of the most beautiful places in the world.

       From Western Australia to Brazil, Thailand and Egypt, and nearer to home in Europe, to stunning places like Austria and Slovenia.

      With some of my nearest and dearest in toe/guiding me through, I truly believe all of these things have helped me grow and evolve my mind, body, and spirit, and, have had a massive effect on what and how I design and the morals/ideals that I have and try to follow.

My love of the beach for instance was my inspiration for the                                          and the



Between the love of the outdoors and being somewhat of a free spirit, I knew that my career path would have to be something that caught me and that I could be truly passionate about and give my heart to.


I found such a career, at the of age of 22. Cabinet making really and truly is everything that I could ask for.

      As a "job" it is an outlet for pure creativity and I believe,  good for the soul.... well mine certainly.


When I discovered fine furniture making. I never imagined I would find something that would inspire me as much – or even more – than kite surfing. Little by little, the kite magazines are being fazed out, to be replaced by Cabinet Maker and Elle Decoration....though I must admit, there's still nothing quite like a good strong force 6-7 showing up on the forecast!

Company Ethos 

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