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Company Ethos 

We love to keep our designs fresh and fluid, with an emphasis on furniture that is designed to be beautiful and functional. This often involves experimenting with shape and form, with a view to creating sculptural pieces.

One of the fundamental differences between bespoke and pre-made furniture is in the quality and detail and this can be hard to appreciate initially. We believe in creating designs that will stand the test of time. In a world of disposable cups, fast fashion and things that are deigned to break, we maintain an appreciation for things that may take more time to create, but that are worth having and will continue to bring pleasure and function for a lifetime. 

Sustainability is at the core of our workshop, we constantly strive to find ways in reducing our waste. We are always looking at alternative modern materials.


We are lucky enough that all of our local sawmills only supply FSC Timber. You can find out more by visiting 


The majority of my timber is sourced from this wonderful sawmill, an amazing group of people, all very passionate 

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