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Stunning bespoke furniture, one of a kind had made in our West Sussex workshop. We create one off heirloom pieces of furniture and exquisitely made kitchens, wardrobes and other unique interior installations, using only the best sourced hard woods from local saw mills where all timber is responsibly sourced and traceable.

At the heart of our company we have a strong Scandinavian influence, seeking a simplicity in modern living. We have A passion for producing some of the finest luxury hand made bespoke furniture and Kitchens. If you are searching for the upmost quality and a piece that will last several life times then please keep reading . From stunning center piece Extending dining tables, to lavish and luxurious chairs, to complete renovations of interiors, the high end furniture we make is for a mixture of wealthy private clients in the city of London, architectural firms around the UK, or local high street commercial businesses and boutiques around West Sussex. We often make for clients in the surrounding counties of Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and Sussex. We have worked with clients in Europe, and as far as America. 

Every Piece is designed and hand made from scratch, using both traditional techniques like dovetailed draws, Carving and steam bending, but also modern techniques like free form curved lamination and vacuum press.

Using local saw mills means we know the origin of the timber we use in our tables, chairs and kitchens but it also means we can closely monitor the quality of the boards we use. Every board infact in hand selected for every piece, with a clear image of the design in mind we can easily look at the colour and grain of the wood and select the most appropriate board. We tend to mainly use solid English timbers from beautiful character Oak, to rippled Walnut and Burr Elm.  Our unique designs are tailored to each individual client and lovingly made to a exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Whether you need a custom made piece of furniture to suit a specific location/room/application or a entire overall of your home or business, you can be sure of the highest quality service and product when using Mat Hibbert Designs.


Commissioning a piece of furniture can be an enormously rewarding and pleasurable experience and we will always focus my energy on creating something that you want and is special to your space.


Together we can refine your ideas until we have a design which is a beautiful and tactile, that will enhance your home but more importantly be delight to use.

Commissioning A Hand Made Table or Desk

A table can be the centerpiece in a room, it can be the place where families spend some of their most valuable time together. When we design your dream dinning room table or desk, every feature of you and or your families lifestyle will be taken into account. All of our Furniture is hand made, and this means on items like dinning room tables or office desks we can make them fit your space and your families needs. For our dinning tables we source local sustainable hard woods, each bespoke piece is made from stunning solid timber, hand picked at our local Sussex Saw Mill, however we also source some special timbers like native Walnut and Sycamore from other wood yards around the south, as far away as London and Kent and Surrey A piece of hand made furniture from Mat Hibbert Designs is not just designed to put up with the day to day grind of family life, it is designed to with the love and thought that you will be passing it on as a heir loom piece to your children and to their children. 

Commissioning Hand Made Japanese Shoji Doors

Japanese Shoji doors are one of the most elegant and efficient ways to divide up a room without loosing that visual sense of space we get from open plan living. Create visual breaks between living spaces whilst at the same time letting light flood from room to room, our Shoji doors built in the traditional Japanese way are as durable as a solid oak mortise and tennon door but with infinity more style and elegance. These stylish additions although Japanese in heritage fit in with so many decors, we can design and hand make these doors for and style of room, changing the slat design or just the timber colour can massively alter the feel to tie into a more contemporary feel home we have made and fitted the Shoji sliding doors around our local West Sussex area and as far as Kent, London and Surrey

Taylor Made and bespoke chairs 

Any one who has ever working in an office, or simply likes to sit and read a book for a few hours will appreciate the difference between a ergonomically well designed chair and a badly designed chair. Here at Mat Hibbert Designs every chair we make is Bespoke to our clients shape and needs. The joy of a hand made chair can only be appreciated after hours of use. Not only do we hand make our chairs in order to fit them exactly to our clients but it also means we can design a chair that will be an heirloom piece of furniture. With over 10 years of experience in hand made furniture and Kitchens we know how to design something that lasts

Bespoke Kitchens Designed and hand made in our West Sussex workshop

A Kitchen is a hub in a home, it is where we keep our selves healthy and where we entertain family and friends. Having a Custom hand made Kitchen is one of the safest investments you can make in your home. not only do you get to enjoy the space perfectly designed for you but if and when you come to sell your property a well designed hand made kitchen by Mat Hibbert Designs is going to add value to the home far beyond what you spent on the kitchen in the first place. Send us a message today to start discussing having a bespoke kitchen built for your home.

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