The Arc Desk

A truely one of a kind piece. 

This was made as a speculative piece and recently finished. It is being shown in several London galleries so please contact before purchasing.


The design is based around modern architecture, I wanted to incorporate a flow in something that would otherwise be quite sanitised. To do this I encorpertsed the used of sculptural stringing, using a highly durable and light catching white dyneea two opposing cuves beneath the table create a eye catching form. 

This piece will not be made again and is a unique one off piece of furniture. Ideal of a centre piece in a large hall or reception area.

The table is made from extreamly high tech materials to creat the clean form but also keep it high strength, including a type of board used within the space industry. The underside is sprayed in a high gloss dark grey with the top being made from a truely environmentally friends material called timboo, a type of very hard wearing bamboo 


approximately 197 cm long, x 57 cm deep and it stands at just over 80 cm tall


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